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The CRA Design Process

Custom Rings Australia uses state of the art 3D design software to transform your idea from a sketch or images into a fully rendered 3D image. We work with you every step of the way through as many design tweaks and modifications as necessary to ensure your ring fully embodies your achievement.


If you are interested in making an order, simply work through the design process below to see all of the options we have available, then check out the Rings tab above to give yourself an idea of the types of rings CRA can create, then simply fill in an inquiry form and will get straight back to you.. Simple as that!




The South West Slammers 3D design and final ring.

Click here for other CRA 3D Design Examples

CRA Ranges & Styles

CRA offers 3 ranges of ring metals to suit your budget - Classique, Signature and Ultimate:

Classique – Classique rings are our CRA’s base range and are manufactured using a Tombac Brass base metal. Tombac brass is composed of approximately 65% Copper and 34% Zinc. Tombac brass is a solid malleable metal though not as hard wearing or scratch resistant as Stirling Silver or Gold.

Signature – The signature range is CRA’s most popular range and provides excellent quality for an affordable price. Signature rings are manufactured with Stirling Silver (S925), which is often considered the most durable and hard wearing base metal for plated jewellery.

Ultimate – The ultimate range is CRA’s premium ring line, with rings manufactured with solid 14k, 18k gold or solid titanium. Depending on your desired look, CRA sources 18k gold in a range of colours including rose, white and yellow gold. An Ultimate ring will last never lose its shine, lustre or shape and comes with a lifetime guarantee.


A range of finished looks can be applied to your ring design if you choose CRA’s classique or signature range. The table below gives a description of the most common types of finishing plating used in custom designed jewellery.

Rhodium – is an extremely hard wearing, corrosive resistant plating material that is often used to give a shiny stainless/white gold look to finished products. It is an extremely hard wearing finish and highly scratch resistant.

Gold – Rose, White or Yellow coloured, the quality and colour of the gold depends on percentage of the silver, nickel and copper that is used with 24k gold. CRA uses 18k Gold to plate our rings, which provides a lustrous, wonderfully hard wearing finish.

Ring Sizes

Rings can be manufactured to any desired size, as an approximate guide CRA has 6 sizes which are given as a top surface dimension:

    X-SMALL  (<10mmx10mm)                    SMALL (12mmx12mm)                        MEDIUM (15mmx15mm)​

​     LARGE (20mmx20mm)                             X-LARGE (23x23mm)                          BIG BLING (>25mmx25mm)​

Band Sizes

When finalising your order form, please quote your individual bands in US Sizes.  Quotations are provided for one mould size, which covers 4 ring sizes (Eg All ring bands are G,H,I & J in size). A wider range of band sizes (Eg Rings bands are between size G and T) will require additional moulds to be manufactured at the quoted rate. For orders in excess of 20 rings, CRA can provide a set of sizing rings free of charge, just ask us for more details.


Band sizes

Click [here] if you would like to download the band sizes in a PDF file.


The stones used by CRA vary depending on your budget. Commonly Cubic Zirconia (CZ) stones are used to give a look similar to diamonds in most of our rings.

Cubic Zirconia is a synthetic, cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide. It has a close visual likeness to diamonds and is hard, optically flawless and colourless.

CRA also uses simulated Gemstones in our rings, which also have a close visual resemblance to real gemstones.

Diamonds range in price according their grading. Grading of Diamonds depends on Clarity, Carat, Colour and Cut. For more information relating to Diamond grading – click the link to Wikipedia [here]. CRA can provide 

Cubic Zirconia’s and Simulated gemstones are available in the following colour range:

Cubic Zirconia Colours

Simulated Stone Colours

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