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behind every success is a story...

a story unique to you...


your team...


your school...


your company...


your club...


your organisation...


So why not celebrate with a timeless classic from CRA, commemorating your achievement now and forever.


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Custom Rings Australia specialises in crafting rings to encapsulate your story and your success. We can help you design the perfect ring, pendant, key ring or cuff links to commemorate your achievement in the longest lasting way possible:

  • Championship & Premiership Wins

  • Year 12 Class Jewellery

  • University Jewellery 

  • Company Jewellery



Custom Rings Australia services locations across Australia and New Zealand and our commitment to the highest quality workmanship is CRA's guarantee. Email your enquiry to today!

The CRA Design Process

Custom Rings Australia uses state of the art 3D design software to transform your idea from a sketch or images into a fully rendered 3D image. We work with you every step of the way through as many design tweaks and modifications as necessary to ensure your ring fully embodies your achievement.


If you are interested in making an order, simply work through the design process below to see all of the options we have available, then check out the Rings tab above to give yourself an idea of the types of rings CRA can create, then simply fill in an inquiry form and will get straight back to you.. Simple as that!




Our Range and Prices

Offering you a customised design requires state of the art technology for transferring our 3D drawing into a 3D mold. We've simpified our pricing structure to include the artwork and setup fees, mold costs, manufacturing and shipping and insurance. Due to the nature of the process, we have a minimum of 15 rings per order and the more rings you buy the cheaper it is. 


We manufacture two styles: classique and signature and although when plated with gold and rhodium both styles look the same, they wear very differently over time.


Classique - Our base range and is manufactured using a Tombac Brass base metal. Tombac brass is composed of approximately 65% Copper and 34% Zinc. Tombac brass is a solid malleable metal though not as hard wearing or scratch resistant as Stirling Silver or Gold. Our classique range rings are manufactured to be showpiece costume jewellery only and worn once or twice a year, so they are great if your ring is a show piece and will only be worn for special occasions a few times per year. Please be aware that due to the reactive nature of tombac brass your classique style ring is highly susceptible to tarnishing, particularly if it comes into contact with moisture through showering, swimming, sweating or other activities with water. Please also be aware, a very small percentage of the population can have skin reactions to jewellery manufactured using brass, which can cause rapid tarnishing and discolouring of the skin.

Signature Style – Custom Rings Australia Signature style jewellery is manufactured using S925 Sterling silver, which consists of 92.5% sterling silver and 7.5% copper. Plating is all 14k gold or rhodium. Rings made of sterling silver are more hard wearing than brass, meaning they are less susceptible to denting or scratching and can be worn in everyday situations. Sterling silver is also much less susceptible to tarnishing. The signature range is CRA’s most popular range and provides excellent quality for an affordable price. 

Custom Rings Australia have a 30 day manufacturers defect warranty on Classique styles and a 1 year manufacturers defects warranty on all signature styles. However due to the individual nature of our rings we cannot refund or exchange rings if there is a change of mind. Tarnishing or discolouration of rings is not a manufacturers defect.

Our prices (AUD) are based on the total order size and including shipping and insurance to one Australian address. 

15-25 Rings: 
Classique: $239 per ring
Singature: $439 per ring

25-40 Rings:
Classique: $229 per ring
Signature: $429per ring

40+ Rings:
Classique: $209 per ring
Signature: $409per ring


 If you have any questions about the CRA process, or would like an estimate for your design, please dont hesitate to contact Custom Rings Australia by clicking here.

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The stones used by CRA vary depending on your budget. Commonly Cubic Zirconia (CZ) stones are used to give a look similar to diamonds in most of our rings.

Cubic Zirconia is a synthetic, cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide. It has a close visual likeness to diamonds and is hard, optically flawless and colourless.

CRA also uses simulated Gemstones in our rings, which also have a close visual resemblance to real gemstones.

Diamonds range in price according their grading. Grading of Diamonds depends on Clarity, Carat, Colour and Cut. For more information relating to Diamond grading – click the link to Wikipedia [here]. CRA can provide 

Cubic Zirconia’s and Simulated gemstones are available in the following colour range:

Winning a Championship or Premiership is the ultimate reward for the countless hours of training and the many setbacks you've had along the way. It is a feeling unlike any other. Looking at my ring takes me straight back to that moment.

L Callier, Founder - Custom Rings Australia

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